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So here I am, back to actually writing. I somehow managed to write consistently for awhile over on tumblr, but I’ve only posted there once in the last six months. There have been a lot of “I’ve been meaning tos” and “I plan ons” and “I’m looking to starts” over that same period of time, so before the holiday weekend I decided to adopt an agile attitude toward my blog: I shutup and put the least implemented solution on the web. I had just a few requirements: working links, readable text, and a functional RSS feed. I’ve hit all those, so look to see an actual design implemented in the future, along with service hooks and all that good stuff. But in the meantime: content! And no excuses for me not to provide content.

This IS the first time I’ve actually been comfortable with my blogging setup. I decided to abandon a CMS entirely and start using Jekyll, which is basically just a static site generator written in Ruby. There’s some great benefits to this approach:

  • hosting of the site becomes a complete commodity: I’m on Github pages now, but could switch to Heroku or my own host with practically zero work;
  • I own my content, and I don’t need to worry about it ever being lost or taken down;
  • all of my content is stored in Git, so I know it’s safe and version controlled;
  • styling is as easy as editing HTML and CSS, so there’s no constraints of a CMS templating system;
  • I’m writing my posts in Vim, which may seem torturtous to some, but I’ve come to appreciate its power and lack of visual distraction.

Beyond these benefits, I also think that I did not truthfully represent myself on my Tumblr blog. I posted content in an attempt to earn re-blogs, and thus “go viral”. Beyond that, I self-edited in an attempt to prevent any post from accidentally being reblogged and triggering a flame war. Here, I have no illusions of an audience; I recognize that barely anyone will ever read this, and I’m completely fine with that. Instead, I hope that the people who DO end up reading this site come away with helpful technical information, solutions to vexing bugs, or the occassional good recipe. (Although I will be adding Disqus comments at some point).

So welcome to version 3 of this blog. I look forward to my attempts at providing some stimulating writing!