A Note on Npm

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In the last week, I’ve been experimenting a greal deal with node.js and CoffeeScript. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the node programming approach and the general “feel” of the CoffeeScript language (or really, dialect would be a better term, since CoffeeScript is really just Javascript). I’ll be writing much more about my experiments soon.

In the meantime, a quick note about getting up and running yourself. I’m using npm to manage dependencies for my node projects. If you have an old version of npm sitting around, you should note that it handles the installation of depencies differently now than it did pre-1.0. npm install “module” defaults to installing the dependency in the local directory – which is fine for a particular project, but doesn’t help you when you want to invoke a module from the command line or use a version acorss multiple projects. Globally installing a module requires you to supply a “-g” argument: npm install -g “module”. You can learn more about the rationale for the change on the node.js blog.