Why JavaScript on the Server Isn't Such a Bad Idea

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Preaching the gospel of Node can be a tough job: how do you express your excitement for the technology without coming across as a fanboy? And how do you deal with people that view it as a cancer? I had to answer these questions when crafting a presentation last week introducting Node.js as part of a developer tech talk. Given the radically divergent opinions that Node has elicited, I wanted to address the FUD head on. I tried to focus on the gut reaction most people tend to have towards Node (“WHO would want to code their server in JS?!”), and I think the talk went fairly well. I’m embedding the slides here if anyone would like to take a look. Speakerdeck is a fantastic resource and I was happy to finally put it to use as a producer, instead of just a reader.

For even more insight into the developing world of “JavaScript everywhere”, check out this video from Joe McCann, principal architect of subPrint Interactive, on “End to End JavaScript”.